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    Big Game

     Two for opening day.
     by Max August

As opening morning drew near, time slowed down. Anticipation of the legal shooting hour was once again high and I could not wait till then.

     Michigan Hunter Scores Trophy Buck
     by Max August

As I walked to my stand on the snowy crisp morning many thoughts came to mind of seasons past and the current season that was about to start. Little did I know that all the long years of hunting were about to pay off big time.

     by David Crothers

One deer season many years ago I received a lesson is sportsmanship.

     Sensible Scents
     by Max August

You see them everywhere. Ads for scents. Cover scents, Doe in heat scents, Buck scents, and everything you can think of scents.

     Patience: The Deer Hunter's Virtue
     by Max August

Then without warning one more animal stepped into the field right where the others had came from. The antlers glistened in the early morning light. The antlers extended well above his ears and I knew my waiting was about to pay off.

     by Max August

Recently in our great state of Michigan a phenomenon have been taking place. Everywhere you drive they can be seen in the fields, along edges of woods, on top of hills. They are of every shape, size, and color. What are they? We call them "Shacks."


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